Some Things About Me

My beautiful wife Yvette and I have a baby girl named Samara. She’s the beat to our hearts, our little ray of sunshine. As far back as I could remember, art has always been one of my passions. Whether it’s drawing, painting, music, photography or video, I was always involved at a very young age.

I have developed an eclectic set of interests. Ultimately, I really loved watching how movies came to life, resulting in enrollment at one of the Top Two film schools in the country, Full Sail University. The ability of telling a story through a lens and how it all comes together has always been fascinating to me.

Watching some traditional wedding films with my dad, made me want to recreate them in a more cinematic way. After gaining quite a bit of experience from doing commercial work for BMW and working on Feature Films, I decided to apply those same techniques on weddings.

What We Do

Your film will be built around your likes and dislikes, along with your set of values. Our footage not only provides professional filming, but the final product includes editing and music giving you a “movie-like” experience. Using several cameras during the shooting of a “scene” allows us to present you the best artistic view and preservation in an elegant fashion.

Our goal is to provide you with something priceless for generations to come. We use state of the art equipment combined with our award-winning filmmakers that have years of experience in film and television industries to deliver quality like no other. We are battle-tested and well-versed in Hollywood filmmaking techniques preserving every detail in full HD and even 4K Ultra HD.

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